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Jason Ralph

Lettre du donneur (DK)

Lettre du donneur (ENG)

Dear new parents
I’m truely happy that your decision about having a baby has been fulfilled. I wish you and your child a very joyful future. I’m sure that you will be the right parents and give the little new baby, love, care and all opportunities in life. Concerning the latter, I’ll hope that your child and for everyone else, that he or she gain the largest of all gifts – the freedom to choose, and preferably without any limitations at all. Freedom can neither be bought or replaced by money, but to a certain degree be achieved with willpower and the right help from the early years. Does that mean always getting what you want? No! (loving) discipline and a ‘no’ is at times a way to the final target. Enjoy the child rearing and congrats with the new member of your family. I’m happy on your behalf.
Love Armstrong
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